Davide Forè on CRG claimed a double victory in Ampfing and got the lead of the DKM classification after also taking the lead of the US Open classification. Great result also for Fabian Federer who scored a podium in race-2. Full haul for CRG also in KF, as Martijn Van Leeuwen is the new championship leader.


Davide Forè is living a magic moment with CRG as he is coming from a splendid weekend at the circuit of Ampfing, where he took a double victory in KZ2 that granted him the leadership in the German DKM championship, after also taking the lead of the charts at the US Open in USA.


Davide Forè, just turned 41, 4 World Championships and 3 World Cups under his belt, turned out to be the dominator of the third round of the Deutsche Kart Meisterschaft held at Ampfing last 2 August, with the support of Renda Motorsport. He set the pole position, claimed race-1 victory on the wet and that of race-2 on dry tarmac. An hat trick that projected Forè on top of the KZ2 classification of DKM with a 27 points lead ahead of the two rounds of Oschersleben on 6 September and of Kerpen on 4 October.

“Things could not go any better – admitted a Davide Forè on cloud nine – in my recent exits I have always been victorious with the only exception of the unlucky round of the European Championship in Zuera. This is a great moment for me, it has been a long time since I had such a positive results in a row. I would like to thank all the people that allow me to race, starting from Giancarlo Tinini and CRG, and then CRG USA for the races in America and Antonio Renda for DKM. The grand finale is now coming up, the most important race of the year, that is the KZ World Championship, that will take place next September in Le Mans. After that I will probably partake in the KF World Championship in La Conca!”


CRG colors have also been shining in KZ2 at Ampfing, thanks to Fabian Federer, on CRG-Maxter run by CRG Holland, who set the second quickest time in qualifying at only 31 thousands of a seconds from Forè’s time. Federer then came fourth in the wet race-1 and scored a great second place in race-2, only 4 tenths shy of Forè at the flag.

Dylan Davies put in a great performance with CRG Keijzer Racing and Daniel Stell with TB Motorsport, as they exchanged on the third place of the podium of KZ2, that in race-1 was obtained by Davies, while in race-2 by Stell. Race-2 result has been stunning as four CRG chassis occupied the top four: Forè, Federer, Stell and Davies!

Among CRG drivers, Fabrizio Rosati, could not get access to the final stages as he accused some delay in the heats and had to retire in the second chance race.

The German Maik Siebecke of SRP Racing Team put in a good race-2 instead, as he crossed the line in P9 after the 14th place of race-1.



CRG chassis have been dominating also in KF at Ampfing, thanks to the Dutch driverMartijn Van Leeuwen of CRG Keijzer Racing, who set the pole position, obtained a double victory in the heats and then completed a great double win in the two finals.

Thanks to the full haul of Ampfing, Martijn Van Leeuwen obtained the lead of the classification and is now enjoying a 23 points lead at the end of an impressive series of results: 3 wins and 3 second places in the six finals run so fare in Wackersdorf, Genk and Ampfing.



KZ2, Ampfing (D).

Race-1: 1. Forè (CRG-Tm); 2. Schmitz; 3. Davies (CRG-Tm); 4. Federer (CRG-Maxter); 5. Stell (CRG-Modena).
Race-2: 1. Forè (CRG-Tm); 2. Federer (CRG-Maxter); 3. Stell (CRG-Modena); 4. Davies (CRG-Tm); 5. Pex J.

KZ2 Championship: 1. Forè (CRG-Tm) points 129; 2. Pex J. 102; 3. Schmitz 98; 4. Paauwe 74; 5. Siebecke (CRG-Modena) 71; 6. Stell (CRG-Modena) 69; 7. Specken 69; 8. Federer (CRG-Maxter) 67; 9. Davies (CRG-Tm) 48; 10. Pex S. 43.

KF, Ampfing (D).

Race-1: 1. Van Leeuwen (CRG-Tm); 2. Soerensen; 3. Verschoor; 4. Valier; 5. Thorsen; 6. Stowell (CRG-Parilla).
Race-2: 1. Van Leeuwen (CRG-Tm); 2. Soerensen; 3. Jochimsen; 4. Valier; 5. Chaimongkol; … 8. Stowell (CRG-Parilla).

KF Championship: 1. Van Leeuwen (CRG-Tm) points 165; 2. Verschoor 142; 3. Soerensen 80; 4. Lassen 74; 5. Lautenschlager (CRG-Parilla) 70; 6. Valier 68; 7. Stowell (CRG-Parilla) 63; 8. Kjaergaard 53; 9. Thorsen 42; 10. Jochimsen 40.

Next rounds:
06.09.2015 Oschersleben (D)
04.10.2015 Kerpen (D)

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4 August 2015

In the pictures: 1) Davide Forè, KZ2; 2) Podium KZ2; 3) Podium KF; 4) Martijn Van Leeuwen, KF.
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